Day 5: Zion Canyoneering

It’s always an anticlimactic return to the pavement. After 4 days of Sol’s Redrock Backpacker: Zion National Park Outskirts trip my hair has turned to dreads and I notice that people don’t want to stand too close to me (must be my natural aroma). But I feel ALIVE! I have found strength I didn’t know I had. I encountered a spirituality only found in the desert. This red dirt seems to course through my veins and welcome me as one of it’s own. As it should: a fourth generation Utahn, I am one of it’s own.

We entered the canyon only days after a major flood event left massive piles of driftwood and vats of quicksand in it’s wake. Weather predictions showed a 3 day window of opportunity to take our trip before the next thunderstorm would arrive. We went for it, and came out not only unscathed, but enlightened to our own power.

I felt as the Archaic Indians must have, standing high on my perch that day. As I uttered a silent prayer of thanks to the river I thought I heard a faint “you’re welcome” on the wind. I knew I had the approval of this Utah slot canyon I’ve come to love over the past 8 years, and I knew I’d be back, this time with another groups of Sol Adventurers who are ready to test themselves, ready to connect not only with the land but with themselves and the others in a way they never have before.

Stay tuned to the blog over the next few weeks as this year’s Sol Adventurers, Amie, Bobby, Fritz, Kathleen, and Lindy add their own experience to the blog.

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